India Poker Championship: An Overview

India Poker Championship: An Overview 0001

The India Poker Championship or IPC is India’s biggest and most popular tournament poker event which takes place every alternate month in Panjim, Goa. This 4 day event takes place on board Goa’s famous Casino Royale, a floating casino which is moored on the Mandovi River. The IPC has events which feature buy-ins ranging from INR 5000 – 20000 (US$ 130-450). The featured variant across all tournaments in the IPC is No Limit Holdem.

The IPC’s Main Event which takes place every December is the annual highlight in their poker calendar. The Main Event has a buy-in of INR 25000 and the winner of this prestigious Main Event is crowned the India Poker Champion for that season.
Another exciting introduction from the start of this season is the India Player of the Year (IPOY) ranking system. The POY awards points to consistent players across IPC events and awards the winner of the POY with a year-long sponsorship worth INR 100,000! Additionally a similar sponsorship is also awarded to the India Poker Champion.

The first ever IPC event took place in March 2010 and drew respectable numbers for the inaugural edition. From then on, the IPC has grown from strength to strength bringing in record fields and breaking records in terms of attendance. The most obvious sign of their growth has been the increase in the number of events. In 2010, the Championship was held 4 times and was a 3 day event. From 2011, the IPC has 6 events across the year and each will now be a 4 day event. The outcome of the increase in events means that within a short span of 18 months, the IPC which drew about 150 players in its first event now consistently draws in excess of 400 players on its tournament weekends.

The India Poker Championship is the brainchild of Peter Abraham and Sameer Rattonsey who follow the game with an almost obsessive passion in the past 9 years that they’ve been playing it. Their mission is simple – provide Indian poker players with a world class poker experience at the India Poker Championship. They firmly believe it’s time for India to make its presence felt on the global poker map and they want the IPC to be the stepping stone that will propel Indian players to great success on the world poker circuit.

Peter Abraham:
Poker is still in its infancy here in India. We believe the future for this sport is incredibly bright just purely going by the numbers. In a land of more than a billion people, even 1% of that number playing poker is huge! A million players as a base AND its an ever-growing one. More and more people are discovering this beautiful game everyday. So we expect really great things to happen in this space within the next couple of years...

Sameer Rattonsey:
The challenge is to develop Goa and other legal venues like Sikkim and Daman so that India as a whole becomes the poker hotspot in this part of Asia. Macau, Philippines and soon Singapore are and will make their presence felt. We need to step up to the plate as well and given our penchant for math and logic, I don't see why Indians won't make their mark soon enough on the world stage.

This year features 6 editions of the Championship taking place in February, April, June, August, October and December.
Here's the Upcoming schedule of the October edition:-

Oct 6th - The 6k Double Bubble (Freezeout)
Oct 7th - The 10k Friday Night Tournament (Freezeout)
Oct 8th - The 20k Big Game (Freezeout)
Oct 9th - The 12k Head Hunters (Bounty + Re-entry)

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