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Off the Felt with Peter Jetten

Off the Felt with Peter Jetten 0001

Off the Felt is a segment where we try and get a glimpse into the lives of your favorite poker players. This time around we had a chat with Peter Jetten, the young Canadian pro who has been making waves in the poker world over the past couple of years. We talked a bit about poker and along the way Jetten also let us know his favourite places to scuba dive and the moves he busts out on dance floor.

Tell us about how you started playing poker?
I played in high school a little bit and then I was playing with play money and freerolls. I won $75 from freerolls and I ran that money up playing cash games, tournaments and sit n gos.

You took a break after the World Series of Poker... what did you do?
I just went back to Toronto, enjoyed the weather for a little bit. Went up to Algonquin Park, which is a camping area. I did some Canadian stuff, got some canoeing in. Just kind of took it easy and then after that I went to Vegas and played the Epic Poker League event.

So what's your poker schedule looking like for the next few months?
The next thing is back to Vegas for Epic Poker League in September and then I’m going to play maybe Partouche, definitely WSOP Europe and EPT London and maybe Macau after.

Your favorite tournament stop in the world?
That's a good question. My favorite city to visit is probably London. It’s really expensive but it’s a cool city so I like being there. I like Vegas but being here so much it doesn’t feel like a tournament stop.

Tournament stop with the best food?
I love food. I went to elBulli this year after EPT Madrid so it’s pretty tough to beat that. But in terms of the city with the best food I’m not sure maybe Vegas.

Koalas or Kangaroos?
You know Koalas are super cuddly.

If you can have anyone wear your “Peter Jetten button” who would it be?
Alive or dead? Maybe Obama even though I’m Canadian or maybe like Wayne Gretzky.

What’s your go-to dance move in the club?
My go to dance move? Well you know, Dan Smith has got his nubs so yeah I need my own signature dance move. Usually when I’m dancing I am inebriated to the point where I think I’m awesome so I pull out all the moves.

We hear you like to Scuba dive... Where do like to go or any favorites among the places you've already been?
The coolest dive I have ever done, its not necessarily my favorite place, but the coolest dive was in Mexico. We did a bull shark dive which was kind of scary because they are huge and you are not in a cage or anything, they are swimming around you. There was this one shark with a giant hook in his mouth looking all bad ass. The coolest spot I ever dove was probably Byron Bay in Australia.

Do you have any nickname/s?
Not really, just Apathy I guess, but people don’t really call me that.

Stanley Cup or the Superbowl?
I’d rather win the Stanley Cup. I’ve never played football. I watch more football now than hockey probably but I love playing hockey more and I think that would be the sweetest.

Who’s music video would you like to be in?
I’d like to be in a Phantogram video or maybe you know what band I really like, Foster the People they seem like they would be fun to party with.

Can you name everyone on the Jersey Shore?
I’ll try. Snooki. Mike D? Is that a person? I’ve only seen like a couple episodes, I’m not a huge Jersey Shore fan. There’s no Mike D? Oh wait, DJ Pauly D. I know there is that chubby one that’s complaining all the time.

Last book you read?
Something funny, I think it was I Drink for a Reason by David Cross. I’m not sure what it was I usually just read for entertainment on the plane.

Last movie you watched?
The last movie I went to the theaters to see was… oh wait let me look on rotten tomatoes I’ll figure it out. I went to see Harry Potter that was good, saw Horrible Bosses it wasn’t that good. I watch a lot of movies. I watched Bridesmaids last night it was so bad. A lot of people told me it was good so I thought it would be. It was just terrible. There is like that type of humor where you just make the joke go on too long I just don’t think the jokes that funny.

What do you think?

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