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Shreyabha Pandey wins the Big Game at the IPC!

Shreyabha Pandey wins the Big Game at the IPC! 0001

The August edition of the India Poker Championship saw players coming in from all across the country to participate in some intense tournament poker action over 4 days. Continuing with a similar schedule introduced earlier this year in April, the IPC features 4 tournaments:-

  • Day 1 - The 6k Double Bubble
  • Day 2 - The 10k Friday Night Tournament
  • Day 3 - The 20k Big Game
  • Day 4 - The 12k Headhunters

Day 1

saw previous attendance records being shattered when 135 players turned out for the 6k Double Bubble tournament. This tournament deducts a small share (INR 1000) of the original buy-in and moves it into a seat prizepool so for every 20 players that participate in the Double Bubble, one seat is awarded into Saturday night's 20k Big Game. Therefore players are battling to survive the money bubble and subsequently the seat bubble, hence the tournament's name. The final hand of the tournament saw Meerut's Paawan Bansal take down the title of the IPC 6k Double Bubble.

Day 2

was the weekend kickoff i.e. the 10k Friday Night tournament . A total of 106 players participated in this tournament. It finally came down to three regulars in Varad Patil, Paras Kumar and Lawrence Sanjay. After Patil's knockout by Sanjay, there was virtually no difference in stacks between the two players in headsup. And in a hand-over-hand situation, Lawrence Sanjay's {9-Hearts}{9-Spades} dominated and held up against Paras Kumar's {4-Clubs}{4-Spades} giving Lawrence his first title at the India Poker Championship.

Day 3

was the big one! And appropriately, the featured tournament of the IPC weekend was the 20k BIG Game which drew 81 participants eventually. June's 20k winner Mubina Rattonsey who had been missing all weekend finally turned up to defend her title but wasn't able to go the distance busting out in 37th place. However her husband, Sameer Rattonsey (also a winner of two IPC titles) was very much in the hunt and eventually was busted out in 3rd place by the eventual champion. And that champion was another regular finalist at the IPC tournaments, Shreyabha Pandey, an investment banker from Mumbai. The final hand which took place between Pandey and his opponent, master mariner Captain Kenneth Sequeira went like this:-

From the button, Pandey raised to 60k only to see the Captain moves the rest of his stack into the middle with {a-Clubs}{10-Clubs}. Pandey who held with {a-Diamonds}{q-Hearts} quickly made the call. Both players hit their Ace on the river but of course Pandey's Queen kicker ensured that he would be crowned the winner!

Day 4

being the final tournament of the weekend has a lower turnout of 68 players who participated in the 12k Headhunters tournament on Sunday evening. The Headhunter is a bounty tournament where INR 2000 from each buy-in would go towards the knockout. Re-entries were also allowed in this tournament till the end of Level 4 in case a player lost all his chips. Rakesh 'Raka' Agarwal was the 3rd place finisher and this was his first cash in the IPC. Having done well at all the other tournaments held in Goa, a good finish at the IPC was the only feather missing from his hat. Headsup went on for a while between Jodpur's Aakash Khoker and Bangalore's Rishi BN who has much of the crowd behind him. Aakash though did not let that affect him and went on to take down the title of Headhunter!

A fantastic 4 days of some great tournament poker action which witnessed a record breaking field on Day 1. Pokernews India would like to congratulate all the winners and as well as the players who made the money.

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