Beef Up Your Stack in the $5,000 PKR WPT Dublin Brawl Promotion

Beef Up Your Stack in the $5,000 PKR WPT Dublin Brawl Promotion 0001

Make sure you download PKR for your chance to play in the unique and exciting PokerNews $5,000
PKR WPT Dublin Brawl

Thanks to PKR and PokerNews India, you could be heading to Ireland to take part in the latest World Poker Tour event!

Win a WPT Dublin Package

It's really simple to give yourself a chance at winning a WPT Dublin package worth $5,000! All players must do is start collecting PKR points which are earned by playing in any raked poker games. All qualifying players will be entered into an exclusive freeroll which will be played in a unique format.

The $5,000 PKR Dublin Brawl Freeroll

The PokerNews $5,000 PKR WPT Dublin Brawl is a special freeroll which is exclusive to PokerNews players.

The event will take place on Dec. 21 at 1800 GMT and is set offer huge value to our players as the eventual winner will go home with a huge $5,000 WPT Dublin tournament package.

The most enticing part about the $5,000 PKR WPT Dublin Brawl promotion is the fun and exciting format which sees the stacks of each player in the special freeroll dependent on how many PKR Points are earned during the promotion period.

Each player will start with a stack which was totally dependent on how many PKR Points were earned from Dec. 7 through to Dec. 18 and as such gives players of all bankrolls and play volumes the chance to win a WPT package.

Beef Up Your Starting Stack

The promotion is open to any PKR player who has signed up for an account through PokerNews India and players will need to earn at least 500 PKR Points during the period as outlined above in order to qualify for a seat in the $5,000 PKR WPT Dublin Brawl freeroll.

The smallest starting stack in the special freeroll is 1,500 chips and is awarded for earning the minimum 500 PKR Points. Players will then be awarded a further 500 starting chips for each additional 500 PKR Points which are earned thereafter.

If players would like even more chance to take down a $5,000 WPT Dublin tournament package then there is an incredible opportunity to start the freeroll with a gigantic starting stack.

Unlike other similar promotions, the $5,000 PKR WPT Dublin Brawl is different in that there is no maximum starting stack. This means players have the opportunity to start with a mammoth starting stack of ten of thousands in chips.

See below for an example of how starting stacks are awarded and remember that the potential starting stack is limitless!

  • 500 PKR Points: 1,500-chip starting stack. (minimum)
  • 1,000 PKR Points: 2,000-chip starting stack.
  • 1,500 PKR Points: 2,500-chip starting stack.
  • 2,000 PKR Points: 3,000-chip starting stack.
  • 2,500 PKR Points: 3,500-chip starting stack.
  • 3,000 PKR Points: 4,000-chip starting stack.
  • ... with no maximum amount of starting chips!

The PokerNews PKR $5,000 WPT Dublin Brawl freeroll will be played as a standard no-limit hold’em tournament and is the best opportunity for players to secure a spot in Dublin for the World Poker Tour.

If you don’t have an account yet make sure to sign up to PKR through PokerNews India using the bonus code ”INPOKERNEWS” and you could be privy to a 120% up to $800 first-deposit bonus along with being eligible to take part in the $5,000 PKR Dublin Brawl promotion!

For more information head to the PokerNews $5,000 WPT Dublin Brawl promotion page

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