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The More You Learn, the More You'll Earn with Poker770 Academy

Poker770 Academy

Download Poker770 to join the Poker770 Academy and earn your diplomas now.

In order to be successful in poker, you must constantly work to improve your game. Poker770 not only recognizes this fact, but is now rewarding players for continuing their poker education. Poker770 Academy allows players to obtain various diplomas in three game types: Sit & Go, MTT, or Cash Game. Each variation awards three diplomas — Amateur, Experienced, and PRO.

The more diplomas you earn, the more bonuses and cash you will receive. In addition, you can earn a shot at becoming a member of the coveted Pro 770 Team, which currently includes Jamel Maistriaux, Yann Enzinger, Paco Torres, and Vanessa Hellebuyck, just to name a few.

All you need to do is reach the PRO level, and you will be entered to play in an exclusive tournament. The winner will be sent to the Nottingham round of the MegaPokerSeries (March 7 through 10) where they will have a chance to join the Pro 770 Team.

To earn diplomas in each discipline, here are the challenges that you must complete.

Poker770 Academy Challenges

SNG AmateurPlay 30 Sit & Go tournaments of $1 + $0.10
SNG ExperiencedPlay at least 20 Sit & Go tournaments of $5 + $0.50 and win at least 1 of them
SNG PROWin at least 10 Sit & Go tournaments of $10 + $1
MTT AmateurPlay at least 15 Circus tournaments
MTT ExperiencedPlay at least 10 Circus tournaments and finish in a paid position at least 4 times
MTT PROPlay at least 20 Circus tournaments and finish in a paid position at least 6 times
CASH GAME AmateurPlay at least 400 hands on the Poker770 real money tables
CASH GAME ExperiencedPlay at least 1,000 hands
CASH GAME PROPlay at least 3,000 hands

Download Poker770 today and get busy learning and earning.

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