Le Roux wins APT Manila

Le Roux wins APT Manila 0001

Peter Abraham is in the Philippines for the APT and APPT and this is the fourth in a series of posts he will be writing as part of this poker+travel blog.

Well first off apologies are in order for the lack of an update over the past couple of days. Internet access issues coupled with my lazy posterior syndrome are largely to blame. Also late night partying with some fun folks in Manila does not leave one in the greatest shape the day after :P
Have I said, "I love you Manila" already?! (yy)

Well now onto the meat and potatoes segment of this particular report - Now I mentioned in the last update that Sangeeth Mohan was the only Indian player who made it to Day 3 but that was where the good news ended as he was eliminates in the 16th level of play with the blinds at 1500-3000. Local player Jefferson Macazo picked up pocket Tens {10-Diamonds}{10-Clubs} in the hijack seat and made it 8500 to go. With {K-Diamonds}{J-Diamonds} in the cutoff, Mohan decides to commit his stack which is just under 40k into the middle and gets a call from Macazo. A board of {3-Hearts}{8-Hearts}{Q-Hearts}{5-Hearts} increases Mohan's chances of surviving the hand with an on board flush possibility. But the {A-Diamonds} put paid to those hopes and with that, it was the end of the Indian challenge at the Main Event of the Asian Poker Tour Philippines.
Mohan did manage to cash out in the US$ 270 Dafa Headhunter tournament finishing in 7th place. This came in on the back of Amit Varma's deep run (6th) in the US$ 350 PLO event. So some consolation for at least a couple of players from the Indian contingent.

It was a great day for South African poker though as they claimed 1-2 with Divan Le Roux beating the 254-strong player field to take down the US$ 2700 APT Main Event. Le Roux beat out country mate Conrad Coetzer in headsup battle to score a payday of $197,000 for his win. Oliver Speidel from Australia was the man to beat given how he dominated virtually all days of this tournament including the final day. However 4th place was the best he was able to manage with China's Ryan Hong taking 3rd.

And that draws the APT and this Thrilla in Manila series to a close. All the players are now looking ahead to the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) which is set to take place in beautiful Cebu, an island which is a little over an hour away by flight. The APPT had already begun this past Tuesday, 24th April with the Cebu Cup event. Day 1a took place yesterday with a lowish turnout of 51 players and it was Singapore's Han Ruo Goh who ended Day 1a as chipleader. The low turnout on the first day meant that less than the usual number of levels were played with Day 1a finishing up at the end of Level 6. So only 6 hours of play (not including breaks) will take place on the remaining starting days which means more rest for the players OR more time to partyyyy! (drink)

As I finish writing up this report, Day 1b is coming to a close with just one level of play left to go but more of that in tomorrow's roundup. So appropriately enough for this lovely island of Cebu we're in, the 'Thrilla in Manila' will now assume the avatar of 'Poker in Paradise' for the rest of my posts. Of course if you are fan of instant gratification, catch the blow-by-blow of what's happening with the Indian lads as they all take to the felt on the final starting day tomorrow. And the place to do that is of course is the live reporting section on PokerNews India.
Till tomorrow...

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