Florian Desgouttes Wins PokerStars France Poker Series Gujan-Mestras

Florian Desgouttes

After four days of competition — June 28 through July 1 — the Main Event of PokerStars France Poker Series Gujan-Mestras has come to an end. From a field of 172 players, who created a prize pool of €165,120, Florian Desgouttes emerged victorious, taking home €43,000. He bested William Wilhelm in heads-up play for the win.

Day 1a of the FPS Gujan-Mestras Main Event attracted 82 players. By the end of the day, Antony Neto was leading the remaining 35 players with 133,000 chips. Among those who were eliminated on Day 1a were PokerStars TV Stars Nedellec Marion and Cathy Serrat, as well as Pierre Drochon, Matthew Lamagnere, Jeremie Sarda, Quentin Laucher, Fabrice Gouget, and Paul Guichard.

The Day 1b attracted 90 players including Team PokerStars Pro Julien Brécard. After losing half his stack early in the tournament, he managed to double up to 27,000. "I raised under the gun plus one, and the small blind called. The big blind three-bet for 2,100. I decide to shove for about 13,000 with {6-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}. He called with {a-}{q-} and the board comes {K-}{Q-}{3-}{K-}{J-Diamonds} with two diamonds on the flop for a flush." Brécard was eliminated later on Day 1b, ending his tournament hopes.

Phuc Tran, Jerome Dumayet, Julien JunkieBoy" Ferrey, and Nicolas "choco75" Le Floch were also eliminated on Day 1. Of those advancing included Mikael Azoulay, Florian Desgouttes, Jean Baptiste Loll and Lars Hoops. William Wihlelm moved on to Day 2, leading the Day 1b field.

On Day 2, there were 67 players in the field. Pereirra Christopher, Christopher Dartagnan, Jean Baptiste Loll, Ahmed Sellaoui, Joseph Carlino, Guillaume Roiron, and Celine Bastian were all eliminated before the money. William Garcia was eliminated on the bubble in 19th place. The official final table of eight was set by the end of play on Day 2 and Julien Gauthier led the way with 832,000 in chips.

Heads-up play was determined quickly on Day 3. William Wilhelm and Florian Desgouttes were left to battle for the win. Wilhelm began with the chip lead, but after losing several big pots, Wilhelm was in trouble. On the final hand, Wilhelm and Desqouttes had all the chips in the middle — Wilhelm with {8-Hearts}{3-Hearts} and Desqouttes with {10-Spades}{6-Spades}. The board ran out {7-Spades}{10-Clubs}{Q-Diamonds}{5-Spades}{7-Diamonds} eliminating Wilhelm and crowning Desqouttes the winner.

PokerStars France Poker Series Gujan-Mestras Results

1Florian Desgouttes€43,000
2William Wilhelm€27,000
3Julien Gauthier€17,500
4Igor Merliere€13,300
5Kim De Fay De La Roche€11,300
6Mikael Azoulay€9,400
7Lars Hoops€7,600
8Olivier Giraudon€6,000

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