Ramil Boyazitov Wins The Latest GCOP II Event For A Cool €67,879

Ramil Boyazitov

The latest installment of the popular German Championship Of Poker (GCOP) II attracted a field of 283 to the King's Casino but the history books will only remember one of their names. Ramil Boyazitov outlasted each and every one of his opponents to be crowned champion and pick up the €67,879 first-place prize.

Although Oleg Mandzjuk began the eight-handed featured final table as the overall chip leader he was the first player to be eliminated after becoming Boyazitov's victim. Boyazitov hit two-pair on the river to beat Mandzjuk's pair of eights and the latter headed to the cashier's cage to pick up €9,974.

Next to go was Germany's Jan Eric Schwippert, who got his chips into the middle holding ace-jack but ran straight into the pocket aces Boyazitov. Schwippert was understandably disappointed with not going all the way in this tournament but the €11,359 he picked up for his seventh-place finish and the €2,782 he won for finishing second in a €100 buy-in side event on the previous day mean he will probably get over his defeat rather quickly.

Eugen Frey became the sixth-place finisher shortly afterward. He was first crippled after losing a huge preflop all-in against Bülent Aydin, but it was Siyu Sha who sent Frey to the rail when Frey was forced all-in from the big blind.

Sha then helped himself to the chips of Serbia's Dorde Jovanovic who held {a-}{8-} and was no match for Sha's {A-}{Q-}. There was no three-outer for Jovanovic and he was eliminated in fifth place, worth €15,737. Jovanovic is a regular in the GCOP Main Events and this was his third final table appearance so we have no doubts that we will see him again at another finale sooner rather than later.

After Jovanovic had been sent to the rail Boyazitov resumed his role as executioner and dispatched Sha in fourth despite Sha having accumulated plenty of chips from his earlier exploits. It was Boyazitov who opened the betting only to see Sha three-bet all in with what turned out to be just king-deuce. Unfortunately for him, Boyazitov made the call with ace-jack and when Sha could not improve he was resigned to fourth place and the €19,959 that accompanied that finishing position.

Aydin Bülent was then left nursing a short stack after his top pair could not hold against the flush draw of Maurice Shepp and in real need of a double-up. That never happened though as he moved all-in with {A-}{3-} and was called by Boyazitov who held the much better {A-}{Q-}. The five community cards provided no help for Bülent and he finished third for €27,925; the largest cash of his live career.

Heads-up only last four hands after Boyazitov's run-good proved too much for Shepp to handle. In the final hand the blinds were 20,000/40,000 and Boyazitov opened with a standard raise to 80,000. Shepp three-bet to 195,000 and Boyazitov made the call. The dealer put out the {10-Clubs}{9-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds} flop, a flop that Shepp fired a continuation bet of 225,000 into. Boyazitov clicked it back and made it 450,000 to play, sending Shepp into the tank. He stayed there for a short while before emerging with an all-in bet of 1,270,000! Boyazitov made the call and turned over {A-Spades}{9-Clubs} for middle pair, which was ahead of the {A-Clubs}{q-Clubs} of Shepp. The turn and river both bricked for Shepp and with that he became the second place finisher and Boyazitov was announced as the latest GCOP II champion.

GCOP II Vol. 3/6 Final Table Results

1Ramil Boyazitov€67,879 ($84,569)
2Maurice Schepp€41,599 ($51,777)
3Aydin Bülent€27,825 ($34,666)
4Siyu Sha€19,959 ($24,867)
5Dorde Jovanovic€15,737 ($19,606)
6Eugen Frey€13,853 ($17,259)
7Jan Schwippert€11,359 ($14,152)
8Oleg Mandzjuk€9,974 ($12,426)

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