Enjoy Machu Picchu In This Week's $10,500 7 Weekend Wonders Race

7 Weekend Wonders

Another week, another PokerNews-exclusive points race taking place on Poker770! Once again $1,500 in prize money has to be wonand it could be you as we head to Machu Picchu for the latest edition of the $10,500 7 Weekend Wonders promotion!

This week's 7 Weekend Wonders race is named after Machu Picchu, Peru, a former Inca settlement. Thousands of tourists head to Peru each year to complete what is often called the Inca Trail but the only trailing you will want to see this weekend is your opponents trailing you in their attempt to catch you in the 7 Weekend Wonders rake race!

Earn as many 770Points as you can between 00:01 CEST on August 3 and 00:59 on August 6 and you could be in with a chance of winning a share of $1,500.

770Points are earned at a rate of 20 per $1 paid in rake at the cash game tables or per $1 spent on tournament fees. In a $10+$1 tournament the $1 would be the tournament fee. To ensure that your points are counted toward each weekly leaderboard, just earn 100 770Points during the qualification period, but remember that the more 770Points you earn, the greater your chance of victory will be.

This week's $1,500 prize pool will be distributed as follows:


Last week the 7 Weekend Wonders race was named after Petra and was eventually won by "PokerGuns911" who walked away with a bankroll-boosting $225 first place prize. Will it be you who we write about after this weekend's action?

If you cannot make it to this weekend's race then check out the schedule below for all future races.

7 Weekend Wonders Schedule

StopStart (CEST)Finish (CEST)NamePrize pool
#1 July 27, 00:01 July 30, 00:597 Weekend Wonders: Petra $1,500
#2Aug 3, 00:01Aug 6, 00:597 Weekend Wonders: Machu Picchu$1,500
#3Aug 10, 00:01Aug 13, 00:597 Weekend Wonders: Chichen Itza$1,500
#4Aug 17, 00:01Aug 20, 00:597 Weekend Wonders: Colosseum$1,500
#5Aug 24, 00:01Aug 27, 00:597 Weekend Wonders: Taj Mahal$1,500
#6Aug 31, 00:01Sept 3, 00:597 Weekend Wonders: Great Wall of China$1,500
#7Sept 7, 00:01Sept 10, 00:597 Weekend Wonders: Cristo Redentor$1,500

Please note that although those players who have taken advantage of the free $50 bankroll offer we are currently running with Poker770 are more than welcome to participate in the 7 Weekend Wonders, you will need to have made a deposit before midnight on Wednesday before the current weekend in order for your 770Points to qualify for the 7 Weekend Wonders promotion.

Download Poker770 through PokerNews India and follow the basic instructions on screen to help yourself to a free $50 bankroll!

If you experience any problems with this or any of our promotions, please contact our Ticketed Promo Support System.

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