Indians head to the Macau Poker Cup Championship

Sameer Rattonsey, winner of Event 6: HK$ 4000 NLHE

Indian pros and amateurs are participating in the ongoing Macau Poker Cup Championship. We will bring you updates as we get them from the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex.

Updates and Highlights

  • 16 Sep, 19:51 IST - Rui Chen wins the Macau Poker Cup Championship Main Event for HK$ 1.1 million (INR 77,00,000 approx).
  • 15 Sep, 15:51 IST - Jasven Saigal has bubbled in Event 9.
  • 15 Sep, 14:29 IST - UnfortunatelyAmit Varma's run in the Main has just come to an end. He finishes in 13th place for a payday of HK$ 72,300.
  • 15 Sep, 14:29 IST - Amit R Jain has just been knocked out. He will take home HK$ 60,200 for his 15th place finish. Amit Varma is now the lone Indian battling it out in this MPCC Main Event.
  • 15 Sep, 13:20 IST - Sparrow Cheung had a roller coaster day yesterday and will now have to be content with a min-cash as he has just been eliminated in 27th place. The last hand of Cheung's tournament saw him get all the chips in preflop holding {A-Hearts}{J-Clubs} and having to come up against the {K-Diamonds}{K-Hearts} of Amit Varma. A {10-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds}{8-Hearts}{J-Spades}{Q-Hearts} board was of no use to Cheung and it was all over with HK$36,100 for his time. Varma now sits on a stack of 250,000.
  • 15 Sep, 13:15 IST - Just been informed that Amit R Jain (pic below) and Amit Varma have made the money whereas Amit Jain unfortunately did not cash out.
  • 15 Sep, 12:44 IST - The money bubble has burst with Tan Tai Zheng being the unlucky one to go home with squadoosh as Norman Chad would say. The remain 31 players will take home a minimum of HK$ 36,100!
  • 15 Sep, 12:24 IST - It's hand-for-hand play right now in the Main Event with 32 remaining and 31 to get paid.
  • 15 Sep, 02:07 IST - Jasven Saigal makes the final table of Event 9: $10,000 NLH and is currently 3rd in chips. Day of this event will begin at 13:30 IST on 15 Sep.
  • 14 Sep, 23:44 IST - Kavish Kukreja finishes and cashes in 13th place in Event 8: $3,000 NLH $300,000 Guarantee
  • 14 Sep, 20:18 IST - All the 'Amits' make it to Day 3 with Amit R Jain leading the Indian pack with 74000 followed by Amit Varma with 68000 and Amit Jain just a shade below the 50k mark at 49900. 45 players remain with 31 to be paid when the money bubble bursts tomorrow. Amit R Jain and Amit Varma will in fact be sitting next to each other on Table 12 whilst Amit Jain is on Table 11.
  • 14 Sep, 18:48 IST - From the 54 players that remain, only 31 will get paid. Amit Varma, Amit R Jain and Amit Jain are still in it.
  • 14 Sep, 18:35 IST - Currently 54 players remain hoping to make it to Day 3 with the top three chipstacks as follows - Sunny Jung (255,000), Edmund Lee (160,000) and Sean Wilson (135,000)
  • 14 Sep, 18:05 IST - After spiking a King on the flop with KK against his opponent's AA, Amit Varma chipped up but a few hands later dropped about half his stack and is currently down to about 65000 chips. Current average stack is 96000.
  • 13 Sep, 21:55 IST - The following four Indian players survive to make it to Day 2 of the HK$ 20,000 MPCC Main Event:-
    Amit Jain 64350
    Amit R Jain 37000
    Sameer Guliani 33550
    Amit Varma 22950
  • 13 Sep, 20:33 IST - Yanqin Huang with 112,925 chips ends Day 1b as chipleader. The survivors from both starting days totaling about 130 will return tomorrow to play Day 2. Chipcount updates will be be put up as soon as we get them.
  • 13 Sep, 17:40 IST - The official numbers and prize pool is now in. With 89 players on Day 1a and 181 players partaking in today's action, a 270 player field has created a HK$4,818,960 prize pool. All the players are fighting it out for a HK$1,108,500 first-place prize, while it is the top 31 players who are guaranteed a HK$36,100 min-cash. The final table payouts can be seen below.
    2012 MPCC Final Table Payouts
    1st - HK$1,108,500
    2nd - HK$759,000
    3rd - HK$458,000
    4th - HK$361,500
    5th - HK$289,160
    6th - HK$241,000
    7th - HK$193,000
    8th - HK$144,500
    9th - HK$120,500
  • 13 Sep, 17:21 IST - With his stack crippled a few hands earlier, Sameer Rattonsey has now busted out of the MPCC Main Event.
  • 13 Sep, 16:55 IST - Both players named Amit Jain are still in the Main Event's Day 1b. Event 6 winner Sameer Rattonsey has taken a big hit to his stacks when his {K-}{K-} ran into his opponent's {A-}{A-}. He is now down to about 6000 chips.
  • 13 Sep, 16:15 IST - Just been told that Sangeeth 'Samoh' Mohan has busted out of Day 1b.
  • 13 Sep, 15:30 IST - Abhishek Goindi has been eliminated from the Main Event. We are hearing reports that Sumit Sapra too has hit the rails.
  • 13 Sep, 14:00 IST - Day 1b of the $20,000 is underway with 181 currently in and with the 89 players from Day 1a, that makes a total of 270 players at the moment in this Main Event. The HK$ 4.5 million guarantee has been surpassed with the prizepool looking like it might just cross the HK$ 5 million mark if we get a few more before the end of the registration period.
  • 13 Sep, 01:41 IST - Sameer Rattonsey wins Event 6: HK$ 4000 NLHE.
  • 13 Sep, 01:41 IST - Rattonsey is chipleader going into heads-up.
  • 12 Sep, 23:58 IST - With 6 players left, Rattonsey now holds the chiplead.
  • 12 Sep, 22:50 IST - Sameer Rattonsey had made the final table and the money in Event 6: $4,000 NLH.
  • 12 Sep, 22:15 IST - Amit Jain has busted in 14th in Event 6. Sameer Rattonsey is still in with 12 players remaining. 10 will be paid out.
  • 12 Sep, 21:50 IST - Final 12 of 98 players left in Event 6: $4,000 NLH. Top 10 get paid. Amit Jain has just busted in 13th position and Sameer Rattonsey with a short stack is still in.
  • 12 Sep - Final 20 of 98 players left in Event 6: $4,000 NLH. Sameer Rattonsey (17000) and Amit Jain (22000) are still in it.
  • 12 Sep - Jasven Saigal and Samay Parikh have busted out of the Main Event's Day 1a
  • 12 Sep - Edmund Lee is chipleader at the end of Day 1a with 119,175 chips.
  • 12 Sep - Amit Varma moves into Day 2 of the Main Event with a stack of about 23,950.
  • Abhishek Goindi played in Event 1: $8,800 NLH with a $1,000,000 guarantee but was unable to make it to Day 2
  • 12 Sep - Hazel Chui wins MPCC Event 2: $1,500 Deepstack $150,000 Guarantee
  • David Steike won Event 1 for a payday of HK$ 306,100.
  • Amit Jain and first place finisher Japan's Tsugunari Toma did an even chop of the prize money before the latter went on to win the title.

Starting last Friday, a posse of Indian pros and amateurs descended upon the Macau Poker Cup Championship (MPCC) at the Grand Waldo Hotel in Macau to participate in the latest MPCC event which takes place from 07-16 September. And this action will continue in the Philippines as many from this group will be joined by others from India at Resorts World Manila to participate in the Asian Poker Tour's Asian Series Manila which is scheduled from 19-25 September.

Some of the known names on the Indian circuit like Abhishek Goindi, Sangeeth 'Samoh' Mohan, Jasven Saigal, Amit Jain, Amit Varma, Sameer Rattonsey and others will be participating, among other events, in the HK$ 20,000 Main Event which carries a guarantee of HK$ 4.5 million. That Main Event which features two starting days will begin tomorrow, 12th September at 3:10pm. We will try and keep you updated on the results of these pros along with their progress in these coming weeks.


15 Sep$20,000 Main EventAmit Varma13th
15 Sep$20,000 Main EventAmit R Jain15th
12 Sep$4,000 NLHESameer Rattonsey1st
11 Sep$1,000 Charity EventAmit R Jain2nd
11 Sep$1,000 Charity EventJasven Saigal4th
11 Sep$1,000 Charity EventSangeeth Mohan7th
11 Sep$1,000 Charity EventAbhishek Goindi8th
10 Sep$5,000 KO Bounty $500,000 GuaranteeSumit Sapra7th

Amit R Jain, Sumit Sapra, Sameer Rattonsey (seated), Jasven Saigal, Kavish Kukreja and Sameer Guliani
Amit R Jain, Sumit Sapra, Sameer Rattonsey (seated), Jasven Saigal, Kavish Kukreja and Sameer Guliani

Keep checking back here for more updates as we get them.

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