Poker770 Weekend Wonders: Week #7 Cristo Redentor Results

Poker770 7 Weekend Wonders

The PokerNews-exclusive 7 Weekend Wonders promotion on Poker770 wrapped up last week and the top 20 finishers walked away with a share of $1,500. Who scooped the top prize? Was it you? Let's find out.

Week 7's top prize went to "Roth89", who secured $225 as the top finisher in the final week of the promotion. "Roth89" held off "kestaszzz" for the top prize, but the runner-up still walked away with $175.

Rounding out the top five places were "BRzRolll," " brudnysanchez," and "Hide86."

Here’s a look at the top 20 finishers for Week #7 (Cristo Redentor) of the 7 Weekend Wonders promotion:


The 7 Weekend Wonders is over, but PokerNews and Poker770 have come together to offer another fantastic promotion: The Magnificent 77. This PokerNews-exclusive tournament will boast a $10,000 prize pool, which will be shared among the top 77 finishers. Want to compete for the top prize of $1,000? Of course you do. Be on the lookout for that exciting promotion next week!

In addition, Poker770 is giving away a free $50 to new players who sign up through PokerNews. All you have to do is download Poker770 through PokerNews, enter the bonus code "news50in," and fill in and submit the details on the form.

As soon as it’s submitted and your account is verified, $25 will be released into your account. From there, earn at least one Poker770 point within the first 60 days of receiving that bonus to lock up the money (if you don’t earn at least one point in that time frame, you’ll forfeit your right to the money). To get the other $25, you’ll just need to earn 500 Poker770 points within the next 120 days. This is applicable to players in Andorra, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Greece, Holland, Iceland, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland or the U.K.

For players residing in either Argentina, Belarus, Bolivia, Chile, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, India, Japan, South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Madagascar, Mexico, Montenegro, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Ukraine, Uruguay or Venezuela, your free $50 will be split into three parts. The first $10 will be released into your Poker770 account immediately, and another $20 will be released once you have earned 500 Poker770 points within 120 days. Finally, the last $20 will be released once you have earned another 500 Poker770 points within 120 days.

To withdraw any of the cash, you just need to generate $50 in cash-game rake/tournament fees or by depositing $100 into your Poker770 account. Do either and then you can cash out your free $50; moreover, you can withdraw any profits over the initial $50 any time you like.

If you experience any problems with this or any of our promotions, please contact our Ticketed Promo Support System.

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