Paul Hockin Wins the Australia New Zealand Poker Tour Melbourne

Paul Hockin

The 2012 Australia New Zealand Poker Tour Melbourne has concluded and Paul Hockin has emerged victorious. Hockin, a semiprofessional poker player, took home AUD$101,275.

2012 ANZPT Melbourne Results

1Paul HockinAUD$101,275-
2Ashley WarnerAUD$130,000
3Michael GuzzardiAUD$112,000
4Michael Lo GiudiceAUD$47,610
5Ismail IsmailAUD$37,950
6Igal AugartenAUD$31,050
7Karan PunjabiAUD$24,150
8Anthony AstonAUD$18,975
9Peter MatusikAUD$13,800

The action at the final table started off slow, but after two levels of treading water everyone seemed ready to rock. Peter Matusik, who began the final table second in chips, was the first player eliminated. He shoved his nut-flush draw all in on the flop against Michael Guzzardi who had top pair, top kicker. Guzzardi's held up and Matusik, 2011 ANZPT Gold Coast champion, was eliminated in ninth place for AUD$13,800.

A few hands later, Anthony Aston, runner-up of last year's ANZPT Player of the Year, was eliminated. Aston got his chips in preflop with ace-jack against Hockin's pocket queens. Aston received AUD$18,975 for his eighth-place finish.

Five hands later there was a massive three-way all in. Karan Punjabi moved all in under the gun, and Ashley Warner and Igal Augarten called. Augarten moved all in on a {J-Hearts}{J-Spades}{9-Hearts} flop, and Warner called with pocket kings. Augarten had ace-queen of diamonds while Punjabi tabled two red eights. No help came on the turn or river for Punjabi and Augraten, and the field was quickly reduced to five players. Punjabi received AUD$24,150 for seventh and Augarten took home AUD$31,050 for sixth.

At this point, Warner had grabbed a huge chip lead, and Ismail Ismail had been waiting for a good spot to get his money in. Eventually Ismail moved in with ace-king and Michael Lo Giudice called with two black tens. Lo Giudice hit a set right away, and Ismail, who hit two pair, was knocked out and pocketed AUD$37,950 for his fifth place finish.

Lo Giudice was still the short stack after knocking out Ismail, and about 20 minutes later, he headed for the rail. The hand in which Lo Giudice was knocked out was really unfortunate as he hit the second nut flush, only to be busted by Warner's straight flush. Lo Giudice collected AUD$47,610 for his fourth place finish, and with just three players left in the tournament, a deal was made.

NameChip CountDeal Amount
Ashley Warner3,460,000AUD$123,000
Michael Guzzardi2,070,000AUD$112,000
Paul Hockin1,150,000AUD$88,000

The ANZPT Player of the Year points were also chopped up. Each of the three remaining players received third-place points. The runner-up finisher would receive an additional AUD$7,000 and the winner would add AUD$13,275 to his payout.

The three-handed battle took more than three and a half hours as Hockin and Warner kept doubling each other up. Guzzardi was the innocent bystander, but eventually he finished in third place. Guzzardi was all in with two sixes against Warner's ace-queen, and the latter spiked two aces on the flop right away. No lucky six on the turn or river for Guzzardi who picked up AUD$112,000 for his efforts.

Warner led Hockin 5,460,000 to 1,550,000 when the title fight began, but that was no guarantee for success. Two double-ups later, Hockin had taken a big lead, and Warner was eliminated not too long after that. On his final hand, Warner moved in with {J-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds} and lost to Hockin's {Q-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds} when the board ran out {8-Clubs}{7-Spades}{3-Hearts}{7-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}.

Hockin was crowned champion, but, because of the aforementioned deal, Warner took home the biggest payout. Warner received AUD$123,000 for his second place finish, and Hockin added AUD$101,275 to his bankroll.

The next ANZPT Main Event will kick off on Nov. 21 in Auckland and the ACOP Macau Main Event is set to kick off on Nov. 7 at the Grand Waldo Hotel and Casino.

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