The Rake Race Continues on Unibet

The Rake Race Continues on Unibet 0001

The first €5,000 Championship Rake Race in our amazing €13,000 PokerNews RaceTrack on Unibet may be over, but the second PokerNews-exclusive race is still going! Make sure you do not miss out on the free cash!

The first race was a huge success, with 'Satyr' from Poland taking the huge €1,000 first place prize!

€5,000 Championship Rake Race #1 Results

1SatyrPoland1,000 €
2thak1ngHolland550 €
3nooitmeerwegHolland350 €
4antipraslakBulgaria250 €
5whait_whutHolland200 €
6geguzis41Lithuania175 €
7GyPsyKiiinGHolland150 €
8MagnacciaaDenmark150 €
9Jackpot333Russia150 €
10Lukelegend91Holland150 €
11udrostmLithuania125 €
12kokossoItaly125 €
13WekirAHolland125 €
14Storm76Denmark125 €
15knytsonDenmark125 €
16luckyjvwHolland100 €
17warlanderEngland100 €
18LizaLippsBelgium100 €
19bunkers28Norway100 €
20PeterValley1Germany100 €
21dodoka79Hungary75 €
22mathistutaBelgium75 €
23zorynarHolland75 €
24robskeHolland75 €
25MaxBMMtyUkraine75 €
26Erik_dRSweden75 €
27stievenHolland75 €
29KaatjekeutelHolland75 €
30R12WANEngland75 €

As we said, the first of two Championship Rake Races may be complete, but the second edition, which boasts another €5,000 prize pool, is still going. Running from Oct. 1 through to Oct. 31, the €5,000 Championship Rake Race will pay the top 30 players in the same way as above. Remember, the higher up the leaderboard you finish, the larger your cash prize will be.

Rake Race Start (GMT)Rake Race End (GMT)Prize pool
Oct. 1, 00:01Oct. 31, 23:59€5,000

Although, that's not all! Did you miss out on the first €1,500 Training Freeroll? That's OK, as the qualification period is also still open for the second! This special PokerNews Training Freeroll is scheduled to run on Oct. 31, with another prize pool of €1,500 and is exclusive to our trusty PokerNews customers, both new and existing!

New customers just have to make a deposit during the qualification period to gain entry into the next available freeroll and existing customers have to generate just 100 VIP Points during the qualification period. Ten VIP Points are awarded for every $1 paid in rake or tournament fees, meaning you could be playing in a €1,500 freeroll for just $10!

DateTime (GMT)Tournament NameQualification PeriodPrize Pool
Oct.3119:00PokerNews Training Freeroll #2Sept. 29-Oct. 29€1,500

Choose One Of Three Sign-Up Bonuses!

New customers can not only gain access to one of the €1,500 Training Freerolls but are also be able to choose one of three sign-up bonuses. New customers can choose a €100, €500, or a massive €1,000 sign-up bonus just for signing up to Unibet through PokerNews. Check out the Unibet review page for more information.

Download Unibet now and participate in the €13,000 PokerNews RaceTrack promotion.

If you experience any problems with this or any of our promotions, please contact our Ticketed Promo Support System.

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