Win Your Share Of Est. $450,500 Worth Of Prize Pools At The PKR Oktoberfest!

Win Your Share Of Est. $450,500 Worth Of Prize Pools At The PKR Oktoberfest! 0001

Keep your diaries free between Oct. 27 and Nov. 11 ladies and gentlemen, because those are the dates the 2012 Oktoberfest will be running on PKR and you do not want to miss it.

Each day for 16 days, PKR will run a mini, medium and high stakes version of the same tournament, culminating in the Oktoberfest Championship. There will be 51 events played in total, with over $320,000 in guaranteed prize pools ($450,000 in prizes expected), and a whole host of added prizes.

Throughout Oktoberfest, ranking points will be awarded to everyone who enters an Oktoberfest event, starting with five points and increasing all the way up to 100 points for the eventual winner. These points will determine where a player finishes in their respective Mini, Main and High leaderboard where a total of $3,500 worth of PKR tournament tickets will be awarded.

In addition to this, the top two finishers from each leaderboard will compete in a six-handed sit ‘n’ go tournament that will see the winner walk away with a $3,000 package to the WPT National Dublin Main Event!

PKR Okroberfest Schedule

DateTime (GMT)EventBuy-inExpected Prize Pool
Oct.2718:00Event #1: Deep Stack$20$15,000
Oct.2718:45Mini Event #1: Deep Stack$6$4,000
Oct.2719:00High Event #1:Deep Stack$50$10,000
Oct.2819:00Event #2:Extra Levels 6-Max$30$20,000
Oct.2819:25High Event #2: Event #2:Extra Levels 6-Max$100$10,000
Oct.2819:45Mini Event #2:Extra Levels 6-Max$6$4,000
Oct.2919:00Event #3: Triple Chance 8-handed$20$10,000
Oct.2919:45Mini Event #3: Triple Chance 8-handed$3.50$2,000
Oct.2920:00High Event #3: Triple Chance 8-handed$50$8,000
Oct.3019:00Event #4: Terminator 6-Max$20$3,000
Oct.3019:45Mini Event #4: Terminator 6-Max$3.50$1,000
Oct.3020:00High Event #4: Terminator 6-Max$50$3,000
Oct.3119:00Event #5: NL Omaha$20$5,000
Oct.3119:45Mini Event #5: NL Omaha$3.50$800
Oct.3120:00High Event #5: NL Omaha$50$4,000
Nov.0119:00Event #6: Rebuy Rampage 8-handed$3.50$5,000
Nov.0119:45Mini Event #6: Rebuy Rampage 8-handed$1.50$2,000
Nov.0120:00High Event #6: Rebuy Rampage 8-handed$12$5,000
Nov.0219:00Event #7: Double Chance 6-max$20$10,000
Nov.0219:45Mini Event #7: Double Chance 6-max$3.50$2,000
Nov.0220:00High Event #7: Double Chance 6-max$50$8,000
Nov.0319:00Event #8: 1R or 1A$20$13,000
Nov.0319:45Mini Event #8: 1R or 1A$6$5,000
Nov.0320:00High #8: PKR Masters (TV)$270$100,000
Nov.0419:00Event #9: Extra Levels$30,000$20,000
Nov.0419:25High Event #9: Extra Levels$100$10,000
Nov.0419:45Mini Event #9: Extra Levels$6$4,000
Nov.0519:00Event #10: Ante Special 7-Max$20$9,000
Nov.0519:45Mini Event #10: Ante Special 7-Max$3.50$1,600
Nov.0520:00High Event #10: Ante Special 7-Max$50$7,000
Nov.0619:00Event #11: Deep & Steep$20$10,000
Nov.0619:45Mini Event #11: Deep & Steep$3.50$2,000
Nov.0620:00High Event #11: Deep & Steep -Max$50$5,000
Nov.0621:00Event #12: Turbo 8-Max$20$5,000
Nov.0621:30High Event #12: Turbo 8-Max$50$5,000
Nov.0622:30Mini Event #12: Turbo 8-Max$1.50$750
Nov.0719:00Event #13: Bounty$20$10,000
Nov.0719:45Mini Event #13: Bounty$3.50$2,000
Nov.0720:00High Event #13: Bounty$50$9,000
Nov.0819:00Event #14: Speed 7-max$20$9,000
Nov.0819:45Mini Event #14: Speed 7-max$3.50$1,600
Nov.0820:00High Event #14: Speed 7-max$50$7,000
Nov.0919:00Event #15:Gold Rush 6-Max$3.50$6,000
Nov.0919:45Mini Event #15:Bronze Rush 6-Max$0.60$1,250
Nov.0920:00High Event #15:Diamond Rush 6-Max$6$5,000
Nov.1019:00Event #16:Super Deep Stack 6-Max$20$15,000
Nov.1019:45Mini Event #16:Super Deep Stack 6-Max$6$4,000
Nov.1020:00High Event #16:Super Deep Stack 6-Max$50$10,000
Nov.1119:00Event #17: Championship (2-day TV)$30$20,000
Nov.1119:25High Event #17: Championship (2-day TV)$100$20,000
Nov.1119:45Mini Event #17: Championship (2-day TV)$6$4,500

As you can see from the schedule above, the 2012 Oktoberfest on PKR looks immense and you could be playing in Mini Event #11 just for being friendly to your fellow PKR players! Buy 45 virtual beers (lager, bottled beer, ale or stout) between Oct.20-30 and PKR will credit a ticket to your account that can be used to buy into Mini Event #11!

By downloading PKR through PokerNews and entering the bonus code PNPKR500 you will be eligible for a 125% up to $500 first deposit bonus, plus you will be entitled to participate in all future PokerNews-exclusive promotions run on PKR!

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