Stay Stacked: What's the Big Deal About Meditation?

Mish Schaffer and Lynn Gilmartin

I see so many poker players spend countless hours, and dollars, working on their game strategy, while neglecting their most vital implementation tools — their body and mind. If your head isn't as clear as it should be, and your body doesn't have the nourishment it needs, then you're not going to be playing at your highest potential.

Stay Stacked is all about well being for poker players, in a holistic sense — eating and living well to promote good health, vitality and in turn, a stronger game.

In this episode of Stay Stacked, Mish Schaffer if featured. He is a transformative and creative meditation facilitator, reiki practitioner, naturopath, and owner of Meditation with Mish.

Schaffer has conducted extensive research into how our thoughts can impact the experiences in our lives, the results that we produce, and even our physical being. Schaffer explains the benefits of meditation, specifically for a poker player, and also shares some easy ways to implement meditation into your everyday life — and it's much easier than you may think.

To access Schaffer’s free guided meditation, head over to

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