PokerStars Team Online Welcomes Felix 'xflixx' Schneiders

PokerStars Team Online Welcomes Felix 'xflixx' Schneiders 0001

PokerStars' Team Online has a new addition to the team — German pro Felix “xflixx” Schneiders. The former math student and Magic: The Gathering player began playing poker in 2005 and has since become a small-to-mid-stakes six-max no-limit hold'em specialist.

"I still can't really grasp what happened over the course of the last few weeks, but here I am," Schneiders told the PokerStars Blog. "My mind is still blown, and I am in some sort of disbelief about this, but at the same time I feel proud and honored to be given the chance to be up there in the ranks of such a strong, inspiring lineup of Team Online members."

Schneiders is also a renowned poker coach in his home country who has contributed training videos to PokerStars’ Online Poker School. Here’s a look at Schneiders’ bio according to

“Felix learned the game by studying every training video and every forum post he could find. It’s one of the best ways to learn the game, and it’s only right that Felix is now passing on his own wisdom to forum users around the world.

“His game of choice is No Limit Hold’em 6-Max, and he can often be found playing online at the small-medium stakes tables. During his time as part of online poker’s premier team, Felix’s aim is to keep inspiring new players to improve their game, and to introduce more people to 6-Max. He’s also currently working on his tournament skills, and is looking to take down a major online tourney sooner rather than later.”

Schneiders concluded: "I am really looking forward to this new project of being a Team Online member and everything that comes with it."

Felix “xflixx” Schneiders
Felix “xflixx” Schneiders

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