Win Your Share of $1,000 in the PokerNews-exclusive Slot Tournament at Miami Club Casino

Win Your Share of $1,000 in the PokerNews-exclusive Slot Tournament at Miami Club Casino 0001

Last week, PokerNews brought to you a fantastic free casino chip offer that saw more than 300 of you claim a free $10 token at Miami Club Casino. Now we have another superb casino-related offer for you, a $1,000 guaranteed Slot Tournament!

Running from May 2 to May 9, the PokerNews Tournament @Miami Club will see $1,000 given away among the top 117 finishers, including a first place prize of $150. If you have never played in a slot tournament before, fear not because the concept is extremely simple indeed.

  • Buy into the PokerNews Slot Tournament for just $1.
  • Play the Amanda Panda slot machine.
  • Profit as much as you can.
  • Win a cash prize if you finish in the top 117 places.

Registration for the PokerNews-exclusive tournament opened on April 25, with the tournament spanning from May 2 to May 9. On these dates, you can attempt to accumulate as many chips as you possibly can and whoever has the most chips at midnight on May 9 will be declared the PokerNews tournament champion!

What strategy will you employ? Are you the type of player who prefers to place many small bets, or will you be betting large and looking for a big score from the word go? Whatever angle you take on this you can do so knowing if you bust your tokens you can rebuy for just $1 more. In fact, you can rebuy up to 30 times if you wish, which gives you plenty of opportunity to try out different strategies.

PokerNews Slot Tournament Payout Schedule


PokerNews Customer Turns Free $10 into Almost $3,500!

One player who is expected to participate in this promotion is a German PokerNews customer who took advantage of our [free $10 chip last week and turned it into $77. He then deposited an additional $100 and after a weekend’s play he had accumulated $3,487 in winnings! Amazing stuff we are sure you will agree.

PokerNews wishes everyone the very best of luck in the slot tournament. Here's a preview of the Amanda Panda slot that holds your destiny!

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