Inaugural Caribbean Poker Tour event at Punta Cana under way

Caribbean Poker Tour

The inaugural Caribbean Poker Tour eventet, held on the exotic island of Punta Cana is now under way. The seven-event CPT series kicked off this past weekend on Nov.8s and will be followed later in the week by the headlining event, a $1,500 no-limit hold’em William Hill Poker Open.

Just one week later, the tour will venture to neighboring St. Maarten for 12 more events, including a World Poker Tour Main Event with a buy-in of $3,500 at Casino Royale in Maho Bay. There will also be a $7,000 buy-in, seven-handed Lucky Number 7 High Roller tournament hosted by German pro Tobias Reinkemeier.

Among the activities other than poker offered at the two resorts, Bavaro Princess All Suites Resort Spa & Casino and Sonesta Maho Beach Resort & Casino, are swimming with dolphins, deep-sea fishing, and catamaran sailing.

“The CPT is the holiday of a lifetime with poker included,” CEO Leon Groenewoud told PokerNews. “This is an opportunity to take your friends and family with you, and they will love it. With each package you will play at least two tournaments, and you don’t need any money for food or drinks. With our adventure vouchers you can choose the activities you’ve always wanted to try.”

Both stops will feature a festival of poker tournaments including a special Learn.PokerNews Challenge. We’re proud to say that PokerNews Senior Editor and World Series of Poker bracelet winner Chad Holloway will be in St. Maarten to take part in the challenge.

“Learn.PokerNews is a great way for new players to learn about poker, and I’m thrilled they now have an event specifically designed for readers to test out exactly what they’ve learned,” Holloway said of the two-day event, which features a buy-in of $440. “The Learn.PokerNews Challenge coincides with the CPT Main Event, World Poker Tour Main Event, and the Lucky Number 7 High Roller. Toss in a great venue and it has all the ingredients to be an exhilarating experience. I’m very much looking forward to it.”

Here’s a look at the CPT Punta Cana schedule:

DateEvent #TournamentTimeBuy-In
Nov. 81Supersatellite NLH for William Hill Poker Open9pm$100 (+20)
Nov. 92NLH 300 - Day 16pm$300 (+30)
Nov. 93Supersatellite NLH for William Hill Poker Open9pm$100 (+20)
Nov. 104William Hill Poker Open - Day 1A4pm$1,350 (+150)
Nov. 105Supersatellite NLH for William Hill Poker Open9pm$100 (+20)
Nov. 114William Hill Poker Open - Day 1B4pm$1,350 (+150)
Nov. 116NLH 200 - Day 16pm$200 (+20)
Nov. 117Supersatellite NLH for WPT Caribbean9pm$100 (+20)
Nov. 128Learn.PokerNews Challenge - Day 16pm$400 (+40)
Nov. 129Supersatellite NLH for WPT Caribbean9pm$100 (+20)
Nov. 1310Betfair Caribbean Deepstack Day 16pm$500 (+50)
Nov. 1311Supersatellite NLH for WPT Caribbean9pm$100 (+20)
Nov. 1412Pot Limit Omaha4pm$200 (+20)
Nov. 1413Bountyhunter NLH 135 + 15 + 50 Bounty5pm$185 (+15)
Nov. 1414Supersatellite NLH for WPT Caribbean6pm$100 (+20)

And the CPT St. Maarten schedule:

DateEvent #TournamentTimeBuy-In
Nov. 1515Supersatellite NLH for CPT St. Maarten9pm$100 (+20)
Nov. 1616NLH 200 - Day 16pm$200 (+20)
Nov. 1617Supersatellite NLH for CPT St. Maarten9pm$100 (+20)
Nov. 1718CPT St. Maarten - Day 16pm$1,500 (+150)
Nov. 1719Supersatellite NLH for WPT Caribbean6pm$300 (+30)
Nov. 1720Lucky Number 7 - HIGHROLLER - Day 1 by Tobias Reinkemeier9pm$6,800 (+200)
Nov. 1721NLH 300 Turbo9pm$300 (+30)
Nov. 1822Supersatellite NLH for WPT Caribbean6pm$100 (+20)
Nov. 1823Pot Limit Omaha9pm$200 (+20)
Nov. 1924WPT MAIN EVENT - Day 1A4pm$3,200 (+300)
Nov. 1925Supersatellite NLH for WPT Caribbean6pm$300 (+30)
Nov. 2024WPT MAIN EVENT - Day 1B4pm$3,200 (+300)
Nov. 2026Learn.PokerNews Challenge - Day 16pm$400 (+40)
Nov. 2127NLH 300 - Day 16pm$300 (+30)
Nov. 2228Pokerfest Caribbean Special - Day 16pm$800 (+80)
Nov. 2229NLH 200 Turbo9pm$200 (+20)
Nov. 2330Betfair Caribbean Deepstack - Day 16pm$500 (+50)
Nov. 2331NLH 200 Turbo9pm$200 (+20)
Nov. 2424WPT MAIN EVENT - Final Table4pm-
Nov. 2432NLH 4006pm$400 (+40)

As always, all information regarding the CPT can be found on the tour's website.

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