Phil Ivey Invests in Boxing & Dusty Hernandez Harrison with All-In Entertainment

The All-In Entertainment team.

Phil Ivey is largely considered the best poker player in the world, but it’s no secret he’s broadened his horizons in the business world. First, he launched Ivey Poker, and now he has embarked on a new business venture — All-In Entertainment.

Along with Jeff Fried, president of the company, and Monta Ellis, guard for the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, Ivey founded the All-In Entertainment LLC, which is a “boxing and entertainment firm representing sports and media interests, the promotion of worldwide entertainment events and orchestrating boxing events.”

According to, Ivey was in California this past weekend to watch teen welterweight boxer Dusty Hernandez Harrison, who is undefeated, emerge victorious over Michael Balasi.

Harrison is just one of many high-profile clients already signed by All-In Entertainment. Others include sports personality James Brown; the NBA's Isiah Thomas; WBA Middleweight champion Andre Ward; and Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson.

If Ivey’s latest tweet is any indication, he’s clearly excited about venturing into the boxing world:

According to All-In Entertainment’s website, the company has put together a team with years of experience including Sherry Francis (Finance and Operations), Tammy Nguyen (Strategy Development), Mike Walters (Project Associate), and Erin Winkfield (Project Associate).

Furthermore, the site explains the company is devoted to seven core values:

  • Passion - Culture of enthusiasm to succeed; professionally and personally.
  • Execution - Positively acting on ideas in a confident manner.
  • Innovation - Forward thinking, while challenging conventional wisdom.
  • Stewardship - Enriching the communities where we undertake business, and the people within those communities.
  • Family – The burning desire to succeed. The persistence to stay the course through adversity.
  • Determination - You become members of our Family. We have your back, always.
  • Honorability - Integrity, character and trustworthiness are at the foundation of our business pursuits.

Finally, Ivey did an interview with 1090 AM San Diego on the new venture, which you can listen to by clicking here.

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*Lead photo courtesy of All-In Entertainment.

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