The Best Poker Strategy Software To Hone Your Skills

poker strategy software
  • This article explains poker strategy software to hone your overall poker strategy skills.

Using a poker strategy software is a great tool if you’re serious about your poker training. However, knowing how to use these tools to your advantage is another thing. If you aren’t a student of poker strategy already, these tools will probably be a waste of your time and money.

Once you integrate your poker strategy with these tools and understand how to use these tools to your advantage, you’ll unravel a completely different and deeper facet of your poker game. Your poker analysis and decision-making skills will reach the next level. And after persistence, you’ll discover a completely new aspect about yourself which you might have been unaware of earlier.

Different software available on the market today serve different purposes. There are online poker equity calculators as well as comprehensive poker tools. Today, we’re discussing the best of both kinds of poker tools which will add a new dimension to your game and help you get insights and deeper analysis of your game. Here they are:

PokerTracker 4
First of all, PokerTracker 4 is compatible with most online poker sites and supports MTTs, SNGs, and cash games for both Omaha and Hold’em. In my opinion, this is the best software on the market today. Don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of information displayed, a couple of hours with the software will put you at ease. It’s packed with features like a dynamic HUD, an integrated ICM analysis, a hand-range visualization tool, a tool called Leak Tracker, result tracking and analysis, hand history, automatic note-taking, secondary tabs for statistics, and customized reports. You can either have a quick look at your statistics or get a detailed report.

The HUD function gives you real-time information about you and your opponents on the table. You can customize it to your liking. You’ll find many similarities between this and Hold’em Manager; however, I feel PokerTracker 4 has an edge over HM2 (few people find HM2 better).

Hold’em Manager 2
Like mentioned earlier, Hold’em Manager 2 is quite similar to PokerTracker4; the only feature that PT4 might be lacking is the vsHero stats which is basically an option which gives you details about how specific opponents play against you. This is really handy because more often than not, we end up playing the same people over and over again. Download the trial version and fiddle around a bit, I’m sure you’ll be impressed.

This has got to be my favorite odds calculator software on the market. The GUI is ergonomically designed so that you can quickly enter hand information and get dynamic results. Most importantly, Flozilla kills two birds with one stone. If you aren’t a big fan of Math and aren’t comfortable with software; this is the best product for you.

Contrary to popular belief, ICMIZER 2 is not just a tournament calculator for MTTs. In fact, it is an excellent piece of software with a gamut of features. You can calculate GTO play, visualize equity range, strategize using ICM theory, calculate Nash Equilibrium ranges, and analyze hands. This all-in-one product is definitely a must-have.

I’ve personally not used this software as yet, though I’ve heard very good things about it. It’s a GTO (Game Theory Optimal) play software. If you aren’t familiar with Game Theory, you might want to Google it. It’s a field of mathematics used across the world in all sorts of scenario building exercises from economics to predicting tornados. What it does is create complex decision trees based on input data. PioSolver is a great tool and simplifies GTO in terms of poker. It displays a wide range of variable and suggests plays for specific ‘spots’. The best part is you don’t need to be a math whiz, just need a basic understanding of Game Theory. Oh yeah, one last thing, this software will burn a serious hole in your pocket!

There are many rudimentary free tools available on the market as well. Some are good resources and can be of some help to you. However, I believe that the ones mentioned above justify their cost and in the grand scheme of things, the pricing doesn’t make a difference.

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