Main Event
Main Event
Day 1b completed

Paul Hockin Leads After Day 1B

Happy_Freaked • Level 8: 400-800, 100 ante
Chip leader Paul Hockin (Photo Heath Chick, PokerAsiaPacific)
Chip leader Paul Hockin (Photo Heath Chick, PokerAsiaPacific)

The second starting day of the Australia New Zealand Poker Tour Melbourne Main Event is done, and Paul Hockin ended as chip leader. He bagged up 120,100 and moves onto Day 2 with 66 other survivors. With the 74 players that made it through yesterday there still will be 141 players who will try to make the final table tomorrow.

A total of 159 players showed up for Day 1B, creating a total field of 345 players. This means 41 players will get paid, and the first place prize will be a hefty A$172,500. Plenty of players will not have a shot at this prize after busting out on Day 1B. Among these we saw plenty of famous faces.

APPT Melbourne winner Sam Razavi made his way down to Melbourne again, but his day was short lived. He got involved in a big coin flip, but his pocket queens could not beat ace-king. Ismaeel Razavi, Sam's brother, also played the event and lasted much longer. After dinner he also had to go when Aaron Benton knocked him out. Razavi five-bet shoved with pocket sevens and lost to Benton's ace-jack. Benton survived the day with 29,200.

The 2012 Aussie Millions Main Event champion Oliver Speidel also came to play. Speidel was unlucky as he busted out when his kings fell to a flush draw, which completed on the river. The two Team PokerStars Pros had swings, but both managed to survive the day. Angel Guillen was doing well after doubling up with a flopped set, but ended the day with just 15,000. Bryan Huang was hovering around 50,000 for a long time, but bagged up 35,300 going into Day 2.

We won't see Oliver Gill, Ben Savage, Will Jones, Luke McLean and Liam O'Rourke back on Day 2 as they all busted out. The latter was seated with Joel Feldman for most of the day and Feldman ended up surviving with 86,900. Two other Australian top players, Kristian Lunardi (44,000) and James Bills (43,700) also made it into the second day of play. Karim Jomeen ended the day second in chips with 118,200 and Luis Arrilucea completed the top three.

The tournament will recommence tomorrow at 12:30 PM local time. It will be a long, tough day for the players as they will chase one of the nine spots at the final table. Click here to take a look at the tournament payouts, Day 2 chip counts and seat draw. will be there again from start to finish tomorrow as we bring you all the big hands, chip counts and player interviews. For now, good night from Melbourne!

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Three More Hands

Happy_Freaked • Level 8: 400-800, 100 ante

The day is almost done. Just three more hands before it's time to bag and tag. We will be back shortly with end-of-day chip counts. Play will resume tomorrow at 12:30 PM local time.

No Day 2 For O'Rourke


Liam O'Rourke has been eliminated, and Joel Feldman cracked a smile as he explained to us what happened.

"This is a nice one to report," Feldman said as he told the story.

O'Rourke had only ten big blinds left when he decided to min raise from early position. Danny Chevalier called, and the flop came down {Q-}{8-}{7-}. Chevalier moved all in and O'Rourke called with {Q-}{3-} off suit.

Chevalier tabled {10-}{9-} and hit his straight on the turn when a {6-} showed up. The river, a {3-}, gave O'Rourke two pair, but he was already drawing dead.

Liam O'Rourke au Busted

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Arrilucea Climbs Up After Losses


Luis Arrilucea had lost some chips dropping him back down to around 60,000, but we just saw him win another pot.

The flop read {4-Diamonds}{9-Spades}{3-Spades} when Arrilucea and another player checked. The player on the button bet 4,000 and Arrilucea called. On the turn the {8-Clubs} hit, and Arrilucea checked again. The button moved all in for 9,900, and after 30 seconds he was called.

Arrilucea turned over {9-Diamonds}{7-Spades} and was ahead against {4-Clubs}{7-Clubs}. The river brought the {3-Diamonds} and Arrilucea took down the pot.

Luis Arrilucea au 87,000 -13,000

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Chip Counts

Paul Hockin nz 103,000 -17,000
Luis Arrilucea au 100,000 -6,000
Habib Haidar 93,000
Jim Mastorakos 80,000 12,000
Sam Georgios 74,000 14,000
Bryan Huang sg 60,000 6,000
Joel Feldman au 50,000 3,000
James Bills 44,000 6,000
Mikel Habb au 35,000 1,000
Hai Bo Chu 34,000 -2,000
Tony Hachem au 20,000 -2,000
Angel Guillen mx 18,000 -19,000
Liam O'Rourke au 15,000 -8,000
Martin Kozlov au 12,000 -19,000
Luke McLean Busted
Ricky Kroesen au Busted
Mishel Anunu Busted
Jim Sachinidis Busted
Will Jones Busted

Benton's Aces Cracked


Aaron Benton just came over to the media desk to blow off some steam as he had lost with pocket aces. Benton's opponent called a four-bet with pocket eights and flopped a set on {8-}{J-}{2-}. All the money went in, and Benton lost this big pot. He still has around 30,000 chips left as we are in the final level of the day.

Aaron Benton au 30,000 -25,000

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