Main Event
Main Event
Day 1a completed

Day 1a Concludes; Richardson and Hayamizu On Top

[user196676] • Level 8: 500-1,000, 100 ante
Manami Hayamizu Second in Chips
Manami Hayamizu Second in Chips

On Thursday the first starting flight of the 2013 Asia Pacific Poker Tour Seoul Main Event kicked off at the Paradise Walkerhill Casino. Day 1a saw a total of 122 players hit the felt for the first event of the APPT Season 7 schedule. By the end of eight levels only 50 players remained with Benjamin Richardson (111,600) leading the pack. Right on Richardson's heels was Manami Hayamizu (104,800) who was toward the top of the leader board for a majority of the day.

While Richardson and Hayamizu finished in the top positions, they were not the only ones to find success. Other players who will be returning with chips for Day 2 include Wang Ping Yuan (102,400), Park Yu Cheung (90,000), PokerStars Team Online member Naoya Kihara (88,700), Foster Hays (85,500), Casey Kastle (58,100), and Nicky Tao Jin (43,100).

Xuan Liu will also be returning for Day 2. Liu found much success early on in the day, but that all came crashing down before the last break. On the last hand of level 6, Liu was involved in a hand that saw her seven-bet shove all in holding pocket queens. While Liu's ladies were a strong hand, they were nothing against the pocket kings and pocket aces of her opponents. After that hit Liu was successful in nursing her short stack back to life during the last two levels of the day and will be returning for Day 2 with 53,500 in chips.

Joseph Cheong made the trip to Seoul and was eager to participate in this event but was unfortunately eliminated before play ended for the day. Cheong took a substantial hit early on in the day when his {A-}{A-} were cracked by an opponent's {Q-}{Q-} and he was left to grind from there. Finally, he saw his last hand when he was all in before the flop holding {A-Diamonds}{J-Diamonds}. Cheong was racing with an opponent's {8-Spades}{8-Hearts} but was forced to the rail when the board ran out {J-Spades}{10-Diamonds}{8-Clubs}{2-Clubs}{k-Diamonds}.

Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang also sat down at the tables only to come up short by the day's conclusion. Huang saw his final hand against two other opponents on a board of {5-Spades}{3-Diamonds}{3-Clubs}. Huang fired a bet of 2,250 and one of this opponents called to see the {4-Spades} strike the turn. Huang moved all in for about 13,000. His opponent announced a call.

Huang: {J-Spades}{9-Spades}
Opponent: {10-Spades}{10-Hearts}

Huang needed help going to the river and needed to either make a flush or pair his jack. Unfortunately for Huang, the {a-Clubs} completed the board and he saw an early exit from play.

Other players who saw their tournament come to an end include Sam Grafton, Phill Huxley, Robert Acton, Stevan Chew, David Steicke, JJ Liu, and Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu.

Play will resume at the Paradise Walkerhill Casino on Friday when a new batch of players will take their seats for the second starting flight. Be sure to stay tuned to PokerNews as we provide you with all of the latest updates from the tournament floor.

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Official End-of-Day Counts

[user139916] • Level 8: 500-1,000, 100 ante
Ben Richardson au 111,600
Manami Hayamizu 104,800
Wang Ping Yuan 102,400
Takahisa Watanabe 98,700
Park Yu Cheung hk 90,000
Naoya Kihara jp 88,700
Foster Hays us 85,500
Yi Po Lee 85,000
Stephen Depew 72,600 72,600
Jordan Westmorland us 70,200 16,200
Aaron Lim au 70,100 16,100
Victor Chen 67,800 32,800
Ryan Pignatelli us 66,000 43,000
Kevin Petersen 64,600 64,600
Sun Geoum 61,200 61,200
Casey Kastle si 58,100
Hoi Tung Ip 56,600 56,600
Xuan Liu ca 53,500 10,500
Andrei Kaigorodtcev ru 53,000 8,000
Ling Teng 49,200 49,200
Vladimir Demenkov ru 48,900 48,900
Kevin Rumeur 47,600 47,600
Ikeuchi Kazuki 44,600 44,600
Nicky Tao Jin 43,800 700
Jing Zhang 43,700 43,700

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Lee Doubles One Up

[user139916] • Level 8: 500-1,000, 100 ante

Yi Po Lee opened to 3,200 in middle position and the player in the cutoff three-bet all in for 9,700. Lee called with {A-Clubs}{2-Hearts}, trailing his opponent's {A-Spades}{J-Clubs}.

The board ran out {Q-Hearts}{10-Spades}{2-Spades}{K-Spades}{8-Hearts} to give Lee's opponent Broadway to double up.

Yi Po Lee 102,000 -18,000

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Xuan Liu Doubles

[user196676] • Level 8: 500-1,000, 100 ante
Xuan Liu
Xuan Liu

In a battle of the blinds, Xuan Liu (BB) gets her stack of 21,100 into the middle with {A-Diamonds}{K-Spades} against her opponent's {A-Clubs}{Q-Spades}.

The flop falls {Q-Hearts}{6-Diamonds}{2-Spades} to give her opponent the advantage, but Liu catches the {K-Clubs} on the turn to retake the lead. The {4-Spades} river secured the double up for her.

Xuan Liu ca 43,000 21,000

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