Main Event

Moorman Faced with River Check-Raise


With a little bit over 10,000 chips in the middle on the board of {6-Clubs}{5-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds}{Q-Clubs}, two players checked to Chris Moorman. Moorman fired a bet of 5,050 and the first of his opponents called after tanking for a couple of minutes. The second player mucked.

The {J-Diamonds} landed on the river and the first player took some time before checking to Moorman. Moorman tanked himself for a bit and then opted on a bet size of 12,300. After about 30 seconds, his opponent check-raised all in for 23,625 -- less than a min-raise. Moorman thought about it and then tossed his hand into the muck.

Even despite losing his big pot early on, Moorman still holds 29,000 in chips. That's just below the starting stack and his table has since been broken. Moorman now sits alongside Jake Cody at a new table in the back corner of the tournament room.

Chip Counts
Chris Moorman gb 29,000 -1,000

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