Main Event

McClung Flats, Then Shoves


From the hijack seat, Sebastian Blom raised to 12,500. Christopher McClung flat-called from the cutoff seat and Mattias Bergstrom called from the small blind. In the big blind was Martins Adeniya. He squeezed in a three-bet to 41,000. Blom folded, but then McClung moved all in for around 170,000-180,000. McClung folded and then Adeniya quickly tossed his hand in as well, giving McClung the pot on the back raise.

Chip Counts
Martins Adeniya gb 670,000 -55,000
Mattias Bergstrom 520,000 110,000
Sebastian Blom 310,000 -27,500
Christopher McClung 248,000 114,500

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