Main Event

Another Pot for O'Dwyer


On the very next hand after doubling up, Steve O'Dwyer took another pot -- this time from Andries Swart.

On the button, Swart raised to 26,000. O'Dwyer called from the big blind and took a flop of {7-Clubs}{3-Spades}{2-Hearts}. O'Dwyer checked, Swart bet 29,000 and O'Dwyer called.

The turn was the {7-Hearts} to pair the board and both players checked to see the {8-Spades} fall on the river. Both players checked again.

Swart showed the {9-Clubs}{4-Clubs} first for nine high. O'Dwyer revealed the {K-Spades}{2-Clubs} for bottom pair of deuces to go along with the sevens on board and won the pot. He's back over half a million in chips now.

Chip Counts
Steve O'Dwyer ie 550,000 70,000
Andries Swart nl 490,000 -80,000

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