Main Event

Gagnon Makes a Big Mistake

[user68268] • Level 7: 250-500, 50 ante

Matt Perrins raised from early position to 1,075 and Charles-Etienne Gagnon called from the hijack seat. In the cutoff seat, Craig McCorkell called. Mike Vesia called from the small blind and Jozef Hancin Hentz called from the big blind.

The five players took the flop of {Q-Hearts}{Q-Clubs}{9-Clubs} and action checked to McCorkell. He bet 1,725 and then play folded around to Gagnon. He put in a raise to 20,025 and much of the table looked around at each other scratching their heads. After about two minutes of tanking, McCorkell moved all in for around 35,000. Gagnon quickly folded and now the table was scratching holes into their heads.

After a few seconds went by, the table started chatting and Gagnon soon realized he had raised to 20,025 and not 4,025. He removed his sunglasses, which have dark lenses, leaned back in his chair and shook his head.

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