₹55,000 Main Event
₹55,000 Main Event
Day 1c completed

Anup Palod Bags Big After WPT India Main Event Day 1c

Anup Palod
Anup Palod

It was players' last chance to find a bag for Day 2 of the WPT India Main Event, and Anup Palod grabbed that opportunity with both hands to end the night with 296,500 in chips.

Chip leader throughout the day, in the final hand of the day he flopped a jack-high straight to crack the kings of an opponent and send them to the rail, boosting his stack to within touching distance of 300,000.

Other big names through to Day 2 from Day 1c include Aditya Agarwal (56,500) and WPT Asia Swing champion Kevin Ayow (98,500).

The fields will combine tomorrow starting at 2 pm, with everyone's eyes firmly fixed on the ₹6,635,000 for first prize.

Stay tuned to PokerNews for continued live updates as we get closer to crowning a winner!

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End of Day 1c Chip Counts (full)

Anup Palod in 296,500 296,500
Gaurav Kalra IN 181,500
Dinesh Kukreja IN 171,500
Anil S Singh IN 147,000
Sahil Arora IN 128,500 128,500
Jairam Parab IN 112,000
Ashish Munot IN 104,500
Anil Gulati IN 100,000
Kevin Ayow ca 98,500 98,500
Kunal Raj Kussa IN 96,500
Abhishek Kumar IN 95,500
Chirag Sodha IN 94,500
Kavin Shah in 94,000
Anirudha Agarwalla IN 92,500
Jasmin Shah IN 84,500
Siddhanth Kapoor IN 82,000
Aditya Gurunath IN 82,000
Deepak Khubchandani IN 81,500
Puneet Dua IN 81,000
Abhinav Aditya IN 80,000
Tathagata Sengupta IN 78,000
Anurag Agarwal IN 73,500
Sanjay Taneja in 73,500
Kamal Bhatter IN 73,500
Deep Chakshu Raina IN 72,000

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Payouts Confirmed; ₹6,635,000 ($92,180) for First Place


The second annual WPT India Main Event attracted a total of 697 entries, generating a prizepool of ₹36,249,576.

A total of 88 places will be paid, with a min-cash worth ₹89,500 (~$1,243). A seat at the final table of eight will earn players ₹884,000 (~$12,281) and the winner will go home with ₹6,635,000 ($92,180).

PositionPrize in INRPrize in USD
1₹ 6,635,000$92,180
2₹ 4,653,000$64,644
3₹ 3,000,000$41,679
4₹ 2,207,000$30,662
5₹ 1,683,000$23,382
6₹ 1,341,000$18,631
7₹ 1,111,000$15,435
8₹ 884,000$12,281
9₹ 663,976$9,225
10-12₹ 549,000$7,627
13-15₹ 438,000$6,085
16-18₹ 364,000$5,057
19-21₹ 299,000$4,154
22-24₹ 253,000$3,515
25-27₹ 212,000$2,945
28-36₹ 173,000$2,403
37-45₹ 153,000$2,126
46-54₹ 134,500$1,869
55-63₹ 120,700$1,677
64-72₹ 108,700$1,510
73-81₹ 99,000$1,375
82-88₹ 89,500$1,243

Final Chance for Players in WPT India Main Event Day 1c

WPT India Main Event
WPT India Main Event

At 21:30 pm the final flight of the second ever WPT India Main Event gets underway, with this being the last chances for players to find a bag for Day 2.

In this flight, the levels are halved to just 20-minutes, meaning players will have to work their way around this slightly quicker format to try and make it through.

There are a whole host of players expected having busted both Day 1a and 1b including defending champion Vikash Mantri, Adda52 Celebrity Pro Minissha Lamba and PokerStars Team Pro Muskan Sethi.

Here is the structure for the day:

LevelSmall BlindBig BlindAnte

Players start with 30,000 in chips. Late registration and is available until the start of Level 10 (~00:40 on Day 1c).

PokerNews will be providing a summary of Day 1c, including full chip counts and seat draw ahead of Day 2 which starts at 2 pm tomorrow.

₹55,000 Main Event
Day 1c started