Event 33: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em
Event 33: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em
Day 1 completed

Brad Libson Leads Day 1 of Event #33: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em

• Level 10: 400-800, 100 ante
The prize
The prize


That's exactly what these $1k World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournaments feel like…supersonic!

2,795 players filled the Brasilia room and significant parts of the Pavilion and Amazon rooms. Then before you could say, "6-levels," 30% of the field had vanished into the ether like dew in the face of the rising sun. 5-levels later and only 231 players remained in the pursuance of WSOP gold. There is still plenty of poker to be played before that sliver of gold is slipped into somebody's slinky wrist, but in the meantime the man in pole position on the Day 2 grid will be Brad Libson who wrote the magic number 117,000 on his plastic bag.

Let's take you through the Day 1 journey as we saw it through the eyes of PokerNews…

As usual with large field WSOP events, all of the early noise surrounded who was leaving and not who was chip building. Leo Margets was in no mood to mess about when she got all of her chips into the middle in the first few hands. She won that pot but was not so fortunate a level later when she was eliminated {9-} {9-} v {A-} {A-} and left the tournament. Other notable female players that left us in the pre-dinner arguments were the multi-talented Kara Scott, WSOP bracelet holder Kathy Liebert and PokerNews very own Mrs Kristy Arnett.

Sorel Mizzi, Roberto Romanello, John Eames, Jonathon Kalmar & Chris Moorman were some of the top males heading for an early bath, whilst at the other end WSOP bracelet holders Athanasios Polychronopoulos and Jonathan Duhamel were sharing the same table and the one and two spots on the early leader board. Duhamel eliminating the legendary Hendon Mobster Barny Boatman (or was it Barry?) in a house over house extravaganza of a hand.

8 times WSOP bracelet winner, Erik Seidel, tripled up when he flopped a set of nines when down to a mere 575 chips, Dave Sands, Greg Raymer, Barry Greenstein, Joseph Cheong and Jeff Madsen all left, and by the time we had reached dinner a few players started to try and break away from the rest of the pack - notably Eric Price, Jeff Sluzinski, Tim Ryan and Kim Pham.

After the dinner break Dylan Hortin put the brakes on the runaway train that was two-time WSOP bracelet winner Richard Hughes in an all-in pre flop {A-Diamonds} {A-Clubs} v {Q-Diamonds} {Q-Clubs} disagreement, WSOP bracelet holder Mark Radoja doubled up when down to fumes and Lauren Kling fired three barrels of second-best cards into the welcoming arms of Chris Dombrowski.

Then as we entered Level 9 the chip stacks started to grow just like beanstalks planted by Jack. Several players started to break away from the rest of the group and they included William Chao who made a hero call to eliminate Jared Jaffe thus moving up to 78,000, Andy Bradshaw (65,000), who told us that he didn't really want to play because the cues were too long, and only did so because is missus would believe he was only over here to go on the lash (get drunk) - but no-one had more than Thomas Fuller who became the first man to hit the 100,000 mark.

The pace quickened and 2,795 players became 298 players in no time. As the clock slowly rolled into the last level of the night the money bubble burst and the news was greeted with it's customary round of applause. As per usual players started to fall like trees in the Amazon rainforest and we were down to the next pay jump with everyone guaranteed $2,012. Amongst the high profile casualties was Jonathan Duhamel, who according to his table mates, had a terrible run of luck that accumulated with him running his last 10,000 - and pocket deuces - into the pocket kings of his opponent.

At the top end of the charts the top spot became a sprint between Brad Libson (117,000), Thomas Fuller (103,000) and Eric Price (115,300) with Libson just pipping Price to the post in a photo finish.

Other notables through to Day 2 include Erik Seidel (30,800), Mark Radoja (28,000), Faraz Jaka, (81,900), Humberto Brenes (27,700) and Andy Frankenberger (35,400).

Official End-of-Day Chip Counts (full)

Brad Libson us 117,100 47,100
Joshua Price 115,300
Thomas Fuller us 102,900 2,900
Sergey Lebedev ru 91,900 43,900
Steven Tripp ca 89,900
Jordan Cristos us 89,500 -5,500
Ren Ho Zhang 83,900
Nicholas Mitchell 83,500
Justin Zaki us 83,400
Faraz Jaka us 81,900 78,900
Ryan Laplante us 79,800
Alex Komaromi uy 79,600
Tom Middleton gb 78,500 35,500
Jared Hamby us 78,300
David Windisch 77,500
Justina Takahashi 77,100
Lisa Hamilton us 75,800
Steven Singer 74,900
Sami Banizuraij us 69,100
Ting Ho us 68,800
Derek Ichilcik 68,700
Jim Downend 68,600
Alexander Keating 67,900
Sebastien Lebreton 67,600
Marc Korner de 67,600

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Jonathan Duhamel Has Been Eliminated

We just saw Jonathan Duhamel taking the lonely walk out of the Brasilia room. His table tell us that has played superbly all day but had the most rotten luck. His eventual demise came when he moved his last 10,000 into the mixer, from the small blind, holding pocket deuces and ran into the pocket kings of his opponent.

Jonathan Duhamel ca Busted

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Spinks Disappointed, Bradshaw Hammered & Duhamel Dented

Jon Spinks raised to 1,600 in mid-position and there was a call from the cutoff. The flop was {Q-Hearts} {6-Clubs} {3-Spades} and Spinks made a standard 1,800 c-bet. Moments later and his opponent had raised to 5,000.

"Make it 96," said a cool and collective Spinks.

The player in the cutoff made the fold and Spinks was visibly disappointed.

A few tables over and Andy Bradshaw's 60k+ stack is now more like 18,000. Bradshaw told us that he lost a 40,000 pot {A-} {A-} v {K-} {K-} when his opponent hit a King on the flop. Bradshaw said he was so enraged that he moved all-in, with trash, several times and went from 5,000 to 18,000. Calm down...calm down.

Last but not least our former WSOP Main Event champion Jonathan Duhamel has also had his stack hacked into pieces. He was all-in pre flop {J-Diamonds} {J-Clubs} v {K-Diamonds} {K-Hearts} and now has 12,800 chips.

Brad Libson us 106,000 36,000
Thomas Fuller us 101,000 12,200
Mohsen Tayfeh 71,000 32,000
Justin Cohen 65,000
Tim Ryan 54,000 26,000
Phillippe Ktorza fr 52,000 12,000
Jon Spinks gb 49,000 29,900
Mark Radoja ca 48,000 1,000
Martins Adeniya gb 46,000 -4,000
Vojtech Ruzicka cz 44,000
William Chao us 43,000 -35,000
Chris Dombrowski us 30,000 11,000
Andrew Teng gb 28,000 -13,000
Andy Frankenberger us 26,000 -12,000
Nesrine Kourdourli 26,000 1,000
Craig McCorkell gb 16,000 1,000
Jonathan Duhamel ca 12,800 -43,200
George Lind us 4,200 -9,300
Andy Bradshaw 1,800 -58,200
Matt Affleck us Busted
John Juanda id Busted

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We Are In The Money

Pat yourselves on the back Day 1 entrants. Somehow you have managed to carve the field down from 2,795 to 297 with still one level remaining on the first day. We did not catch the bubble boy but we did catch Mandy Baker put into a spot nobody wants to be in.

With 298 players on the clock and only 297 players getting paid Mandy Baker was involved in a hand. The action had reached the river on a board of {6-Hearts} {4-Hearts} {10-Diamonds} {9-Spades} {A-Clubs}, her opponent had bet 5,500 and Baker had raised to 12,000 on the button. Her opponent was in the tank when we arrived, and when he surfaced he decided that it was an opportunity to apply maximum pressure. He moved all-in and Baker was left looking she would have egg on her face. After several minutes thought Baker, through an almost inaudible croak, announced call and turned over {A-Hearts} {9-Hearts} for two-pair. Her opponent turned over {Q-Hearts} {10-Clubs} and Baker, who was shivering like a naked Penguin, was up to 80,000.

Amanda Baker us 80,000

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Silver Section Round-Up: O'Dea Eliminates Ellwood; Jaka Germinates

With forty-minutes of the penultimate level remaining let's give you an update of what is going on in the Silver Section of the Brasilia Room. There are 337 players left and the name of Jack Ellwood is not among them. Ellwood reached superstar status in Europe when he won several major online tournaments in one weekend. He has followed up that technological success with some hard work in the brick and mortar world where he has earned over $200,000 including 5 World Series of Poker (WSOP) cashes. Ellwood found himself short and made his move with {A-Diamonds} {4-Spades} in the cutoff. Former November Niner Eoghan O'Dea made the call from the big blind holding {10-Diamonds} {8-Hearts} (shows you how short Ellwood got) and the board ran out {10-Clubs} {Q-Diamonds} {J-Clubs} {2-Clubs} {6-Diamonds} to eliminate Ellwood just short of the money.

In other news Jared Hamby now has 90,000, Nicholas Batt has 78,000, Faraz Jaka has 81,000 but leading the Silver Section is Jordan Cristos with 95,000 chips.

Jordan Cristos us 95,000 55,000
Faraz Jaka us 81,000 -9,000
Daniel Idema ca 65,000
Jay Hong us 65,000
Andy Bradshaw 60,000 -4,000
Jonathan Duhamel ca 56,000 24,000
Tom Middleton gb 53,000 10,000
Mark Radoja ca 47,000 37,400
Dave Westfall 44,000 3,500
Phillippe Ktorza fr 40,000 22,000
Andy Frankenberger us 38,000 500
Eoghan O'Dea ie 34,000
Matt Stout us 32,000 29,000
Athanasios Polychronopoulos us 30,000 22,000
Zimnan Ziyard gb 28,000 11,000
Anton Makiievskyi ua 26,000
Bryan Micon us 25,000
Erik Seidel us 24,000 6,000
JJ Liu us 23,000 -5,000
Humberto Brenes cr 20,000 6,000
Jon Spinks gb 19,100 -7,900
David Vamplew gb 16,000 1,000
Thiago Nishijima br 12,000 -8,000
John Juanda id 5,000 -5,000
Jack Ellwood gb Busted

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Break Time

• Level 9: 300-600, 75 ante

The players are on their final twenty-minute break. Two more levels and then this thing is done.

Gold Section Round-Up: Chao Eliminates Jaffee; Fuller First Over a Century

As we approach the last third of Level 9 the stacks are growing as the players dwindle. 450 players are left and there is nobody seated in the Gold section with more chips than Thomas Fuller. Fuller has over $300,000 in World series of Poker (WSOP) earnings spanning a 7-year period and has become our first player, today, to hit the 100,000 mark.

Moving swiftly from Table #5 to Table #4 and a baffled looking Jared Jaffee has just left the tournament courtesy of a hero call from William Chao. We are using the words hero based on the dazed look on the face of Jaffee. We caught the action on the turn with the board showing {J-Clubs} {6-Clubs} {3-Diamonds} {8-Diamonds}, Chao had checked from early position and Jaffee had moved all-in. Both players had similar size stacks and so it was a huge decision for Chao. Eventually, after lot's of time pondering, Chao made the call and Jaffee was not a happy-chappy.

Chao{J-Hearts} {10-Hearts}
Jaffee{A-Spades} {Q-Diamonds}

Chao was begging for a deuce and when the {J-Spades} hit the river he let out a whelp of delight.

"Man, I nearly folded that hand," said Chao.

"I can't believe you didn't" said Jaffee as Chao moved up to 78,000 in chips.

Other big stacks that have popped up in the Gold section belong to last years runner-up in this very event, Justin Cohen (65,000), Brad Libson (70,000) and Andy Bradshaw (64,000).

Thomas Fuller us 100,000
William Chao us 78,000
Brad Libson us 70,000
Justin Cohen 65,000
Andy Bradshaw 64,000
Ryan Austin 52,000
Martins Adeniya gb 50,000 28,300
Sergey Lebedev ru 48,000
Noah Bronstein us 46,000
Andrew Teng gb 41,000 21,400
Mohsen Tayfeh 39,000 4,000
Todd Terry us 36,000 27,000
Tim Ryan 28,000 -7,000
Konstantin Puchkov ru 26,000
Mihai Manole ro 25,000 10,000
Nesrine Kourdourli 25,000 9,000
Chris Dombrowski us 19,000 -19,000
Matt Affleck us 19,000 -1,000
Craig McCorkell gb 15,000 5,000
George Lind us 13,500
Nicolas Yunis cl 12,000 -2,000
Alessandro Longobardi it 12,000 -4,800
Robert Deppe Busted
Jared Jaffee us Busted

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